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Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications. First released in September 2014, Elixir has quickly become one of the most promising languages available for modern web applications. Elixir is built on Erlang, a language originally designed in the 1980’s to address fault-tolerance and concurrency needs for telephone systems, and inherits its scalability and stability from BEAM, the Erlang Virtual Machine.

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Phoenix is a framework for Elixir, much like Rails is for Ruby; it is a toolset for building highly performant and scalable web applications. Phoenix is very fast, generating response times measured in microseconds, and its patterns provide a good balance of quick-to-build and easy-to-maintain code.

Elixir and Phoenix are a great choice for web applications that need to scale up. Examples of some high profile web applications built in Elixir and Erlang include WhatsApp, BleacherReport, Pinterest, AdRoll, Grindr, and Bet365.

We’ve been building in Elixir/Phoenix since the beginning.

We are an Elixir dev shop; we've had Elixir/Phoenix projects in production since 2015, for clients including Stanley Black and Decker and the Baltimore Water Taxi. Read more about why we think Elixir is the next big thing.

Our team has deep expertise and loves to share the knowledge.

Our team regularly writes, presents, and hosts events centered around Elixir/Phoenix. We host the Baltimore Elixir Meetup, sponsor and present at events like ElixirConf, the Big Elixir, and Lonestar Elixir. We also host a weekly live Elixir development Twitch stream on Mondays from noon to 1PM Eastern Time, as well as a weekly podcast on Elixir in Production.

Interested in learning more? Join our mailing list or follow @smartlogic on Twitter to learn more about how we're using Elixir/Phoenix. Or give us a call us at 888-544-SMRT, email us at [email protected], or reach out through our contact form. We would be happy to talk with you about your project idea, or host you for a lunch and learn with our technical team.