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Q&A with Frank DeSantis, Director of Breakthrough Innovation

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Why did you bring SmartLogic in and what problem did they solve for you?

We were working on building out a prototype project/idea that required software development expertise. We were comfortable with the hardware and embedded side, but needed some guidance on executing and implementing the user interface.

Why did you choose SmartLogic?

SmartLogic was the right choice for us because they were a local company that demonstrated the right skill sets we were looking for in previous work they had done. Being local ensured that we could have someone onsite as needed and brainstorm solutions throughout the process. SmartLogic also had developers with a vast array of experiences that would augment our internal support for the program. A willingness to work with us and act with speed was just as critical as we were under a very short turnaround for our project.

How did you hear about SmartLogic?

I originally met Yair at an event recap at the ETC and stayed in touch to learn more about what their team was working on. Through that original conversation and subsequent meetings with Brian, I met with them at their Baltimore office for an unrelated topic to what we eventually had them work on for us.

What was your favorite part of working with SmartLogic?

SmartLogic brought insights that we had not considered and challenged us on our initial thoughts. This allowed the prototype/project to become much more exciting and demonstrable than what we had originally intended.

Why would you recommend SmartLogic to others?

Yes. The team at SmartLogic was extremely organized and knew all the right questions to ask to get the scope of the project clearly defined. SmartLogic program managed from beginning to end, allowing us to focus on completing our own internal tasks. The project ran extremely smoothly in a short amount of time as they were easy to work with and flexible when it came to changes. We truly felt like SmartLogic was part of our team and had the same passion for executing the best solution possible.

What results have you seen so far from working with SmartLogic?

Due to the flawless execution of the prototype, we were able to demonstrate to the senior leaders in our organization the overall vision we had. This led to additional funding for the program and subsequent resources to take the prototype to the next phase.