Have you applied for b2Bmore, SmartLogic's new business expo?

We're excited to announce a few of the companies looking to meet with expert service providers at b2Bmore, SmartLogic's new business expo.

SmartLogic announces b2Bmore large companies: Agora Publishing, Stanley Black & Decker and Constellation
Does your small business want to work with the following companies?

Apply for b2Bmore for the opportunity to meet with these top companies and others. In case you missed our previous announcements, b2Bmore is an innovation expo designed to connect expert service providers with larger companies who want to bring in outside teams to build cutting-edge products/technologies.

You should definitely apply if your company works in these areas:

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

  2. Cognitive computing

  3. Advanced analytics

  4. Advanced manufacturing

  5. Robotics + drones

  6. Bluetooth and location systems

  7. Battery chemistry / technology for power tools

  8. Augmented Reality

If your company doesn't fit, please still fill out the application. We are adding more large companies with varying needs in the coming weeks.



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