Am I qualified to apply?

More than likely yes. The program is inclusive by design. If you’re unsure, but are interested in the program, we encourage you to apply and let us decide whether you are a fit. You have nothing to lose by applying.

We are seeking people new to the world of professional software development. If you have finished a bootcamp, or have spent a few months on your own learning to code, or have completed educational studies in computer science or a related field, then chances are you are qualified to apply. Applicants must have some working knowledge of a programming language.

There are no educational requirements. You do not need a GED, HS degree, 2-year college degree, 4-year college degree, or any other type of advanced degree to apply.

The only hard requirement we have is that you must be interested in a full-time position in professional software development at the conclusion of the program; this is explicitly NOT an internship. For this program we are not seeking students returning to school at the conclusion of the program nor are we seeking those that are interested in “sampling” a career in software development.

Am I going to get paid?

Yes, with benefits. For the duration of the 14 week program you will receive $10,000 in compensation, paid via direct deposit every two weeks. Per our employee manual you will avail of all the other benefits of a full-time staff member at SmartLogic, namely access to low-cost medical insurance coverage, and access to our SIMPLE IRA retirement plan.

The $10,000 figure is gross wages. Of course, as with any paycheck, you can expect a portion of your pay to go to social security, medicare, federal/state tax withholding, and benefits.

If you accept an offer of full-time employment with SmartLogic at the conclusion of the apprenticeship then your salary will be determined at that time. If you do not accept an offer of full-time employment with SmartLogic at the conclusion of the apprenticeship then you will no longer receive any form of compensation from SmartLogic. The apprenticeship is a temporary position.

Am I guaranteed a job with you at the conclusion of the program?

In short, no. While we hope to have enough client work to give us the confidence to hire 2 or 3 employees full-time, we can make no guarantees at the onset of the program.

In the event that we can’t make an offer of full-time employment to you we will work diligently to ensure that you receive an offer of full-time employment from another local company at the conclusion of the program. We will use our best judgment to introduce you to hiring managers at companies that align with your values, skill sets, and interests.

Finally, we would be remiss if we did not note that your drive, ambition, determination, and attitude all play a role in whether we will make an offer of full-time employment or how aggressively we work to get you an offer of full-time employment at another company.

What is the application process?

We are accepting applications effective immediately. The interview process will consist of a phone screen and one or more in-person interviews. Apprenticeship offers will be sent in early September.

If we decide not to move forward with your application then we will inform you of such.

Why are you running this program?

It feels like a good thing to do and we’re confident that positive things will happen as a result of running the program.

We’d like to make an active effort to grow a more diverse workforce both at our company and in Baltimore. Our staff is well-positioned to train and mentor people that are new to the world of professional software development. We think that the apprenticeship will not only be a rewarding experience for the apprentices, but that our existing employees will grow as software developers in their own right.

When does the apprenticeship start and end?

We are targeting a start date of September 14, 2021 and a conclusion of December 17, 2021. This may slide back a week or two depending largely on interest in the program and the speed with which we can conduct interviews.

Do I need to live in or move to Baltimore for this program?

While we are prioritizing local applicants, our team is fully remote, and applicants will be accepted from across the region and across the United States.

Are you going to run this program again?

This is our second run of the apprenticeship program; while we do hope to continue to run the program with modifications and improvements as time goes on, we do not have firm plans for additional apprenticeship programs at this time.

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered? Email our apprenticeship inbox with any additional questions. Also keep an eye out for us at local events where we’ll talk about the program and be happy to answer any additional questions.

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