SmartLogic Apprenticeship Program

Hands-on learning and mentorship to kickstart your career as a professional software developer.

2018 Apprentices

2021 SmartLogic Apprenticeship Program

Our 2021 Apprentice Program has concluded. Learn more how the program ran:

Original announcement text:

The SmartLogic apprenticeship program is designed to help provide an accessible onramp to a career in professional software development. It is specifically geared towards those interested in beginning or transitioning into a software development career. If you have finished a bootcamp, or have spent a few months on your own learning to code, or have completed educational studies in computer science or a related field, then chances are you are qualified to apply. Applicants must have some working knowledge of a programming language.

The program is designed to teach apprentices to be better software developers through exposure to real-world scenarios faced by SmartLogic software developers on a daily basis. We accomplish this objective through a structured program that includes:

  • Following a course of study — tailored to you — to reinforce any skills necessary to become a full-stack developer.

  • Working directly with our existing software developers on client work.

  • Structured, organized feedback from other employees at SmartLogic.

  • Structured, regular opportunities where we’ll solicit feedback from you.

  • Mentorship from other members of our team.

In general: the apprentices are treated as any other member of the team, except with additional support during the apprenticeship period.

Applications are due by Friday August 27; the apprenticeship begins September 14, 2021 and concludes December 17, 2021 (14 weeks). We will hire no fewer than two, but no more than three, apprentices for the Fall 2021 cohort.

At the conclusion of the program our goal is to present each apprentice with an offer of full-time employment with SmartLogic. Should this not be possible due to the amount of client work we are forecasting then we will work diligently to ensure that the apprentice has secured a full-time position in the world of professional software development with another local company we think would match your skill sets and interests.

This is the second time we've run an apprenticeship program; we hope to continue running the program in the future but will make that final determination at a later date.

For the duration of the 14-week apprenticeship you will be paid $10,000 (before tax withholding, social security / medicare, and withholding for benefits). You will also avail of the other benefits available to any full-time employee of SmartLogic, most notably access to extremely affordable (in some cases free) medical, dental, and vision insurance.

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Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered? Check out the FAQ and/or email our apprenticeship inbox with any additional questions. Also keep an eye out for us at local events where we’ll talk about the program and be happy to answer any additional questions.

The 2018 Apprentice Cohort

The first SmartLogic apprentice program launched and ran in 2018; it offered three junior developers the opportunity to accelerate their careers through a paid apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship program ran for fourteen weeks and was, by our measures, a great success. All three apprentices had jobs at the end of the program, jobs they were not qualified for before their apprenticeship. We hired two at SmartLogic, and we facilitated connections for the third, who joined the team at Fearless.

This program is running again in Fall 2021 as noted above. For more information on the program as it originally ran in 2018, follow the links below or read on for the original launch content.