Ruby on Rails

A robust language for rapid web application development.

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Our team of Ruby on Rails developers has used Rails to build everything from prototypes to web apps that process 1M+ hits a day.

We’ve been doing Ruby on Rails consulting, writing custom web applications since 2006; every engineer on our team is a full stack Ruby developer. We’ve launched dozens of Rails applications for clients over the years.


NCQA partnered with SmartLogic to develop the digital platform for the Person Driven Outcomes survey, including an iPad application, API, and a web portal with a variety of reporting and administration tools. Working closely with the team at NCQA, SmartLogic designed and implemented the custom iPad survey application, to be used in accordance with the newly-designed patient care method.

A little bit about Ruby.

Ruby is a dynamic open source programming language, designed for ease of use and developer happiness. First released in 1995, Ruby has been a staple of web development for over a decade, particularly when paired with the Rails framework. Ruby on Rails (RoR) was first released in 2005 and is an opinionated full stack framework for building web applications.

Elixir Architecture Diagram

Rails has consistently ranked in the top 10-15 programming languages used worldwide over the past twelve years and continues to be a very popular language for web application development. Its readability, large community, and the wide availability of libraries (called Gems) all contribute to its continued popularity.

We <3 our Ruby programming community.

We’ve been attending, sponsoring, and presenting at our local Bmore on Rails Meetup for nine years. From 2010-2013 we launched and ran the RailsConf-adjacent unconference BohConf.

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