React Native

A modern JavaScript framework for native app development.

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We've built React Native apps that range from from prototypes to large-scale applications across iOS and Android platforms.

As a mobile app consultancy, we’ve been building in React Native since 2016, and it continues to be our favorite framework for mobile app development. In the recent past we’ve used React Native to deliver apps for the National Committee for Quality Assurance, Baltimore Water Taxi, SpotCrime, Brainchild, and Revolve Wellness Studios.

React Native: Declarative, component-based, performant.

First released in early 2015, React Native is an open source framework designed and maintained by the team at Facebook. React Native allows developers to use the idioms and tools of React, a flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces, to build native mobile applications. Unlike earlier cross-platform development options, React Native uses native platform-specific interface components, giving apps a natural look and feel and great performance. React Native also allows developers to make changes and optimizations in the platform-native code, or to write whole components in Swift, Java, or Objective-C as needed.

React Native has serious advantages from a development perspective; like React, it is declarative and component-based, and when used with our preferred tools like Redux and Sagas, React Native code is extremely readable. Because it uses JavaScript, one of the most commonly used web languages, it is also a framework easily accessible to developers throughout the world.

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React Native reduces duplication of code and improves maintainability and scalability for cross-platform applications by allowing for the re-use of most styling and all of the business logic needed for iOS and Android apps. A number of high-profile apps use React Native, including Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Skype, Salesforce, Baidu, and Soundcloud.

Our team of React Native developers has deep expertise and loves to share the knowledge.

Interested in learning more about React Native? Check out our blog, we’ve written quite a bit on React and React Native. Follow us @smartlogic on Twitter to learn more about how we're using React Native. Or give us a call us at 888-544-SMRT, email us at [email protected], or reach out through our contact form. We would be happy to talk with you about your project idea, or host you for a lunch and learn with our technical team.