React JS

We build clean, dynamic user interfaces for web applications with React JS.

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React JS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces for web applications. Because it is declarative and component-based, ReactJS is a great tool for building interactive user interfaces that are easy to maintain and handle scale well.

At SmartLogic, we’ve been using ReactJS since 2015 and have found React’s modular structure to be a great fit with the ways we think about user interface design. Reusable component-driven design provides scale and consistency when building a dynamic front end, and also fits well with our iterative development process.

Our team of front end developers has built React interfaces for over a dozen applications, including responsive web forms, admin panels and reporting tools, a queueing system for remotely administered tests, a dynamic energy credits trading platform, a map-based crime search tool, and a multi-site volunteer scheduling tool.


NCQA partnered with SmartLogic to develop the digital platform for the Person Driven Outcomes survey, including an iPad application, API, and a web portal with a variety of reporting and administration tools. Working closely with the team at NCQA, SmartLogic designed and implemented the custom iPad survey application, to be used in accordance with the newly-designed patient care method.

Our team of front end developers loves to write and present on React and the apps we’ve built with it.

We’ve written about React Redux, managing state in React apps, leveraging React components for rapid prototyping, templating accessible components in React, and more. Here’s a recent talk Eric presented on Websockets with Elixir and React.

Need a dynamic, scalable web app built? Reach out, we’re always happy to talk about new project ideas, and if we can’t help you, we can help you find someone who can.