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Published February 3, 2022 | Duration: 56:55 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Welcome to the Season 7 finale! Today, we are joined by Todd Resudek, Staff Engineer at Jackpocket, to reflect on the past season and speak about the impact of Elixir, as well as a variety of other topics almost entirely unrelated to programming! Todd is a reformed graphic designer that got his start in web development 15 years ago. He has made a career in front-end development, PHP, Rails, and Elixir. He is also a member of the Hex core team and, in his spare time, he tinkers with hardware projects. In today’s episode of Elixir Wizards, you’ll learn more about the 2022 EMPEX Elixir Mountain event that Todd is co-organizing, the formula for anticipating how many people will turn up at your event, and what trains have to do with the history of timezones. We also touch on Todd’s hopes for the future of Elixir, how Elixir has impacted him, both personally and professionally, and why he recommends learning Elixir as a backup language, plus so much more! Tune in today for a fun discussion with Todd Resudek!
Key Points From This Episode:**

  • The hilarious and sometimes tragic mispronunciation of our names.
  • Learn more about the 2022 EMPEX Elixir Mountain event that Todd is co-organizing.
  • Todd shares a bit about his background and his allegiance to Wisconsin football.
  • We discuss the formula for how many people to expect at your meetup (or wedding).
  • Some interesting history on timezones and how they relate to trains.
  • Dune memes, roller skating, a qualifier for couple skates, and more.
  • Todd shares his favorite Elixir Wizards episode from Season 7: Brooklyn Zelenka.
  • How Todd learned Elixir when he first started working at Weedmaps.
  • Why he suggests learning Elixir as a ‘backup language’ rather than a primary one.
  • His biggest hope for the future of Elixir: an even more diverse, welcoming community.
  • How a functional programming language like Elixir has impacted the way Todd works.
  • The personal impact the Elixir community has had for Todd by enabling new connections.
  • Find out why Alex’s dog, Bean, loved the test kitchen at their previous workplace.
  • Eric and Alex share how the impact of Elixir has changed for them throughout this season.
  • What all our children, human and animal, had for breakfast.

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Special Guest: Todd Resudek.

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