Elixir Wizards |> Conference

An online conference bringing together the Elixir language community.
June 16-17 2021.

Watch all the talks from 2021 on SmartLogic's YouTube channel.

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first ever Elixir Wizards |> Conference!

Videos from all of the presentations are available online, on the SmartLogic YouTube channel.

Full Schedule of Presentations in 2021

  • Opening Keynote, Randall Thomas
  • Women Leading in Elixir
    Panelists: Keaty Gross, Director of Backend Engineering, Frame.io; Alexandra Chakeres, Software Engineer, Blinker; Japa Swadia, Senior Software Engineer, PagerDuty; Moderator: Sundi Myint, Developer, SmartLogic
  • Andrew Morin, ClusterTruck: Phoenix LiveView in Production
  • Digit: Macaroons - Trust the Cookie 🍪!
  • Alex Loukissas, WhatNot: Running real-time auctions in Elixir
  • Mackenzie Morgan, Axios: Dealing with a Monster Ecto Query
  • Bryan Joseph, Community: Geo: an Elixir Geospatial Library
  • Maqbool Alam, Software Developer: GenServer from first principles
  • CTO Panel: Building Companies with Elixir
    Panelists: Norberto Lopes, CTO at Duffel; Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya, CTO at BlockFi; Elaine Zhou, CTO at Change.org; Moderator: Yair Flicker, President, SmartLogic
  • Greg Mefford, STORD: Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Ask About Elixir
  • Stephanie Vizzi, SmartLogic: Intro to Ecto Multis
  • Closing Keynote, Eric Oestrich, SmartLogic: Less is More

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