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Published November 4, 2021 | Duration: 58:47 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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As we kick off our new, seventh season of the Elixir Wizards podcast, we wanted to introduce our theme of the impact of Elixir by having a simple chat between our panel and foregoing our usual guest format. As fans of podcasts ourselves, we always like to get to know some of the personalities behind the voices, so we decided to take this opportunity to do just that, with Alex, Sundi, and Eric! So to hear a little about what to expect in the coming weeks of the show, what the teams have been up to recently, both professionally and beyond, and to just enjoy a quick hangout with some friendly voices, make sure you tune into this launchisode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What our team has been up to recently: new projects, the apprentice program, and more.
  • Reflections on this iteration of the apprentice program and differences from 2018.
  • The recent ElixirConf and how our panel was involved in the event.
  • Inside information that is shared at conferences and learning about the world!
  • Avoiding the pressure to always do more while engaging in the community.
  • Noting the impact that Elixir has had on each of us, and how we write code respectively.
  • Proactive learning and career growth; looking forward to the new season exploring these subjects!
  • Staying focused on what's important, getting rest, and pursuing passions.

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