Adopting Elixir Finale with Sean Lewis, Anna Neyzberg, and René Föhring

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Published March 25, 2021 | Duration: 1:01:39 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Season 5 ends with a bang as we welcome back Sean Lewis, Anna Neyzber, and René Föhring onto the show to share their journey on getting their companies and teams to adopt Elixir. We open our conversation with each guest sharing their first experiences with Elixir. After chatting about the changes that they’ve seen in the Elixir ecosystem, we explore Elixir’s benefits and how they’ve persuaded companies to make the Elixir leap. From zero downtime deployment to arguing for Elixir’s ability to solve immediate problems, we touch on the most convincing reasons for stakeholders to adopt Elixir. Following this, we unpack common Elixir criticisms before looking at the importance of hiring developers for their aptitude as well as for their skill set. Later, we discuss what we most appreciate about Elixir, with each guest sharing a story from producing an Elixir app. We round off an insightful episode by talking about Elixir accessibility and the top ways to train entry-level programmers. Join us as we wrap up this season for a last deep-dive on adopting Elixir.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We introduce today’s panel, featuring Sean Lewis, Anna Neyzberg, and René Föhring.
  • Hear how each guest discovered Elixir and what they’ve seen change in the ecosystem.
  • Exploring our guests' first Elixir projects.
  • The intersections between Elixir and cryptocurrency.
  • How to persuade company stakeholders to adopt Elixir.
  • Why choosing a language for scalability often isn’t as important as its immediate benefits.
  • Unpacking common criticisms of Elixir adoption.
  • How a culture of learning can push your company in the right direction.
  • Anecdotes on getting companies to adopt Elixir.
  • We touch on the benefits of using Elixir.
  • Each guest reflects on their experiences producing and maintaining Elixir apps.
  • How our guests are currently using Elixir.
  • Using Credo to train new Elixir developers.
  • Advice on making Elixir accessible to entry-level coders.

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Special Guests: Anna Neyzberg, René Föhring, and Sean Lewis.

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