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We’ve been building responsive web applications since 2005; we develop back ends in Ruby on Rails and Elixir/Phoenix, and build front ends with the Javascript framework React. All of our apps are designed with great usability, reliable infrastructure, and scalable codebases.

As a custom web and mobile development shop, we have over a decade and a half’s worth of experience building responsive web applications. A responsive web app is designed to scale and respond sensibly to a variety of screen sizes, and performs equally well in web browsers and on phones and tablets.

SmartLogic’s specialty is applications that manage business logic; we’ve provided custom web app development services to a wide range of clients over the years, from funded startups to Fortune 100 corporations, in Baltimore and beyond. Many of our clients have continued to work with us for a number of years, citing our excellent project management, communication, and high quality code.

Here are a few examples of software application development projects we’ve built for clients.

Web Based Application for Internal Professional Development

SmartLogic first started working with FolioCollaborative in 2011, building out the first production version of their application in three months. Launched in 2011 with a user base of three schools, today Folio is in use across the world at 165 schools. Folio is a professional growth platform used by teachers and staff in schools, with features that include goal setting, goal tracking, feedback and classroom observation, and collaboration within both top-down and peer-scoped groups.

FolioCollaborative Members View FolioCollaborative New Workspace View FolioCollaborative Timeline View
New views created in the 2019 Folio Workspaces update.

Built from scratch in Ruby on Rails, the responsive web application has grown over the years, with annual efforts to improve the application alongside ongoing support and maintenance efforts.

Developers can build whatever you ask them to build, within reason — they’re capable of building anything. The team at SmartLogic is willing to build what we need but is also just as committed as we are to the mission and vision of the organization. Dan will raise important questions and help us focus on what features contribute to the mission and how to best use our resources.
— Meredith Ford, Executive Director, FolioCollaborative

Secure Responsive Web Application for Developmental Progress Surveys

SmartLogic took over development of Brookes Publishing’s Ages and Stages Questionnaires Online in 2011, first prioritizing getting the application migrated to a more stable deployment architecture in a secure private cloud to ensure HIPAA compliance for the medical records stored in the database.

ASQ Online Screenshot ASQ Online Screenshot ASQ Online Screenshot
Screenshots from ASQ Online.

Brookes does not have a technical team on staff, so they rely on the SmartLogic team to communicate about complex technical topics in ways that the Brookes team can understand and reason about.

They were easily able to translate our needs into development language, and they relayed technical information in a way that we could understand it and present it to our executives.
— Tara Gebhardt, Project Administrator, Brookes Publishing

Brookes has continued to work with SmartLogic to bring additional features to ASQ Online, including responsive web design features and translation into 11 languages, among them Arabic and Vietnamese. The application has been used to gather over 3.5 million questionnaire responses since its first release in 2010.

One of our more recent projects with Brookes focused on accessibility. We conducted a formal accessibility assessment which their sales team are able to use in conversations with large clients who require accessibility documentation; the assessment is also being used to identify opportunities to improve accessibility in the application.

User Interface Design and Implementation for AI-Powered Document Processing Application

RedShred, a local Baltimore startup, reached out to SmartLogic in 2018 for help building out the front end for their new AI-based document processing application. RedShred’s users are government contractors who routinely need to sort through lengthy RFP and Grant documents; the RedShred application uses machine learning and natural language processing to parse the often-laborious documents, and identify and summarize relevant opportunities for contractors.

RedShred Screenshot RedShred Screenshot
Screenshots from RedShred.

While RedShred’s CTO was building out the back end, they partnered with SmartLogic for the user interface design and implementation, to accelerate their time-to-launch and reducing the burden on their internal team.

SmartLogic took time to understand our business goals and needs so they could turnaround our project nearly two months ahead of schedule.
— Jim Kukla, CTO, RedShred

We’re not just a custom web development agency, we’re your partner in building the right application for your business.

We’re a custom dev shop; every application we build is tailor-made to meet the needs of each client. We spend the time to get to know your business, your users, your stakeholders, your brand, and we make sure that technical decisions always support your business’s goals and needs.

Have a project we might be able to help you with? Reach out, we’re always happy to talk, and if we aren’t the right team for your project, we will be more than happy to refer you to someone who is.

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