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Make your company’s tech more stable and lower your operational costs with solid DevOps support.

DevOps is a combination of software development and system operations, once two separate domains, brought together over time by a clear need throughout the industry to create reliability, consistency, and repeatability in system architecture and deployment processes. DevOps applies principles of software development to server management and software deployment operations. DevOps is primarily concerned with infrastructure configuration and deployment, and a variety of tools and processes are available to that end.

DevOps Stack
A typical DevOps stack at SmartLogic.

Our primary business is building custom software applications; while we’ve only recently begun to offer DevOps consulting as a standalone service, we’ve managed the DevOps architecture and support for dozens of apps over the past 14+ years, since a time before the launch of AWS in 2006. As DevOps has matured into a discrete domain, we now offer DevOps consulting as a standalone engagement, in addition to the DevOps work we do for custom software clients.

The foundation and patterns SmartLogic made will influence our infrastructure for the foreseeable future.

—Dave Lucia, VP of Engineering, SimpleBet

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Here are a few key ways we’ve provided value to our clients with DevOps support:

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Server System Upgrades and DevOps Configuration Management

With applications that continue to run for years, servers eventually need updates and maintenance. We recently updated and reconfigured some of the cloud infrastructure for our long-time client SpotCrime, a location-specific crime aggregator. SpotCrime has evolved since 2008 into a polyglot system, using many languages, unified through DevOps. For the most recent update, we created server configuration playbooks with Ansible, and reconfigured some of the application servers to separate responsibilities for high volume low frequency tasks, improving performance and infrastructure maintainability.

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Deploying to a High Security Private Cloud for HIPAA Compliance

Our first engagement with Brookes Publishing in 2011 consisted in part of taking on and stabilizing the infrastructure deployment architecture and DevOps configuration for their new Online Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ Online). The app is a developmental and social-emotional screening tool for children, and as such the data is subject to HIPAA medical data privacy security rules; the application is currently deployed to a Private Cloud on Rackspace.

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Updating Cloud Infrastructure Architecture: Migrating to AWS

We’ve been working with FolioCollaborative, a professional growth platform for educators, since 2011. The server infrastructure for their application has evolved over time to support growth from an initial 3 schools at launch to over 165 schools around the world today. In order to prepare for additional growth, we recently migrated Folio to AWS, using Terraform to define infrastructure, Ansible for server configuration, and Capistrano for deployment. These tools allow us to not only automate deployment, but also to document configuration; infrastructure as defined by code allows for much easier troubleshooting and further development.

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Automated Builds and Continuous Integration for Application Deployment

We recently created a more robust server and application infrastructure for DinnerTime, a personalized meal planning service. The new setup includes a workflow that leverages GitHub for version control and continuous integration code testing that when successful automatically builds Docker images, which can then be deployed with Ansible. The team at DinnerTime wanted to keep manual control over deployment, and this configuration allows them to do that while also leveraging the latest in deployment technologies.

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Kubernetes Cluster Computing Configuration for a High-Availability Large-Scale Platform

Starting in 2019, we’ve worked with SimpleBet, a modern sports betting platform, specifically on DevOps support for their cutting-edge architecture. Real-time data is a critical component of their application, which comes along with demanding reliability and uptime requirements. Our team worked with SimpleBet to transition their cloud resources to the container orchestration system Kubernetes, integrated with Vault, a permission and encryption manager, and set up lifecycle management for their cloud resources, including dev, testing, and production environments, alongside continuous integration for automated testing. The systems we designed and configured for SimpleBet form a foundation for their continued growth and scale; their infrastructure is much more manageable and their team now has the tools and configuration needed to support their high performance and quick growth requirements.

Our DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps can sound initially intimidating; there are a lot of technical terms and potential for complexity. But ultimately it's all about getting consistency and repeatability in getting and keeping your software systems up and running.

We've been managing deployment infrastructure and architecture for over a decade, going back before the emergence of DevOps as a term. We use repeatable, reliable systems for managing our infrastructure, and we can help you get set up with those same self-documenting patterns.

We work with Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Vault, Consul, and more; we're always trying out the latest DevOps tools and evolving our approach as the field grows and changes. Read more about some of the DevOps work we've done for clients over at Baltimore, and reach out if you're looking for DevOps support; we can help you get your infrastructure and deployment strategies in order.

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