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Published July 25, 2019 | Duration: 29:45 | RSS Feed | Direct download

Welcome back to show everyone and today in our exploration of Elixir libraries we are talking to Paul Schoenfelder! He is here to unpack Distillery, his own creation from the world of Elixir and tell us about how it works. We also discuss how Paul made the transition from bigger corporations into the startup world, his early experiences of different coding languages and the initial steps he took in writing Distillery. Paul is very honest about the unclear future of the library and he shares his hopes for it for the short term as well as clarifying its key concepts and functions. He gives great advice and directions for learning more about the resource and how you can help him and his projects out if you use them. For all this and then some, be sure to join us today for the show!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Paul's work background, language history and the last few years working Elixir.
  • The first library that Paul contributed to and created on his own!
  • What brought about the creation of Distillery.
  • Clarifying releases, compiling, generating, deployment and more.
  • Where to learn more and find out details about the library.
  • The first steps Paul took when writing this latest version of the Distillery.
  • Looking to the future of Distillery and its current best use cases.
  • Hot upgrades and who they can be useful to when it comes to Elixir.
  • Let Paul know if you are using or want to contribute to a project of his!
  • And much more!

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Special Guest: Paul Schoenfelder.