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Published July 18, 2019 | Duration: 23:56 | RSS Feed | Direct download

Today on the show we continue our series on the inner workings and various libraries of Elixir and are very happy to welcome Bryan Joseph of Revelry to talk about his very own ElixirScript. ElixirScript is essentially an Elixir to JavaScript compiler, allowing users to run Elixir online more easily. We ask Bryan what inspired this project and about some of the major challenges that have faced it. We also talk about the role of his company, Revelry in his career and work in open source. Bryan tells us about his very own conference, The Big Elixir and why you should be traveling to New Orleans to check it out! Other topics covered include the architecture of ElixirScript, binary pattern matching, Bryan's other experiences of libraries and his hopes for ElixirScript's future. For all this and then some, be sure to listen in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some background on Bryan, his work and how he got started with Elixir.
  • What is ElixirScript? What does it do? How Brian got the idea!
  • ElixirScript's architecture; the inner workings of the compiler.
  • The major problems and challenges that face this task with JavaScript.
  • Step one in the process; the conversion of concepts.
  • Binary pattern matching and the implementation of strings.
  • The things Bryan would do differently looking back on the product.
  • Bryan's other experiences of libraries, contributions and fixes.
  • Marketing, posting and getting the word out on ElixirScript.
  • The current state of the project and hopes for the future.
  • A little bit about The Big Elixir and what sets it apart from other conferences.
  • And much more!

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Special Guest: Bryan Joseph.