Elixir Wizards Podcast

Season 12: Office Hours

The Elixir Wizards Podcast is back with a special edition mini-season—Season 12, “Office Hours.” Spanning six episodes, we invite you to join hosts Sundi Myint, Owen Bickford, and Dan Ivovich, along with the SmartLogic team, for candid internal conversations to delve deep into the stages of the software development lifecycle.

In “Office Hours,” you can peek behind the scenes into SmartLogic's inner workings and engage with us as we discuss tools, tackle challenges, strategize to solve problems, and share the triumphs (and traumas) that shape our approach to projects and keep us on the right track.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer, an aspiring software engineer, a project manager interested in Agile methodologies—or just curious about the inner workings of a custom software development shop— tune in to join the conversation.

We’re trying something new! You can continue to enjoy Elixir Wizards on your favorite streaming platforms, and you now have the option to tune in to the Elixir Wizards video podcast on YouTube

Season 12 began airing in March 2024.

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