Elixir Wizards Podcast

Season Eleven: Branching Out from Elixir

In Season 11 of the Elixir Wizards podcast, we venture beyond the familiar shores of Elixir to engage in cross-community dialogue, compare notes, and broaden our horizons. This season is dedicated to understanding how Elixir integrates, contrasts, and can potentially synergize with other prominent technologies in the software world.

With engaging discussions involving seasoned Elixirists and experts from diverse tech communities such as JavaScript, Ruby, C++, and more, we aim to debunk myths, share insights, and discover mutual learnings. Key conversations revolve around the varied methodologies, best practices, and unique approaches offered by different languages and frameworks.

Whether you're an Elixir enthusiast curious about the world beyond or a tech professional from another domain eager to explore common ground, this season promises enriching takeaways for all. Dive in to bridge gaps, challenge norms, and celebrate the confluence of ideas in the ever-evolving tech universe.

Season Eleven began airing in October 2023.

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