Frank Hunleth - Elixir in Production

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Published March 28, 2019 | Duration: 28:47 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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We talk with Frank Hunleth from the Nerves core team about their current and past Elixir projects and how they are deployed.

Frank Hunleth - Nerves

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0:53 Frank intro
2:02 Give us a quick overview of the Elixir projects you have in production.
4:25 Why are you using Elixir in production?
8:00 What are some of the high level advantages / disadvantages of Elixir, from your perspective?
9:25 What hardware do you deploy to?
12:05 How do you get code to hardware after deployment?
13:47 How do you secure the code?
18:12 Do you cluster?
If so, how?
How does your Elixir App perform compared to others in your environment?
22:45 How does Elixir compare to other languages?
26:15 More information about Nerves

Learn more about how SmartLogic uses Phoenix and Elixir.

Special Guest: Frank Hunleth.


Transcript (English):