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Published April 11, 2019 | Duration: 43:54 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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We talk with Jeffrey Matthias from Community about their current and past Elixir projects and how they are deployed.

Jeffrey Matthias - Community

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0:47 - Give us a quick overview of the Elixir projects you have in production.

3:29 - Why are you using Elixir in production?

6:04 - What are some of the high level advantages / disadvantages of Elixir, from your perspective?

10:14 - What do you use to host your Elixir app?

  • Linode, AWS, DO
  • Heroku
  • Enmesos
  • mesos

How do you deploy your application?

  • Ansible
  • Deploy scripts
  • Distillery

14:19 - Are you able to get zero downtime deploys?

  • If so, how?

17:06 - Do you cluster the application?

  • If so, how?

22:53 - How does your Elixir App perform compared to others in your environment?

  • Response time
  • Throughput
  • Jobs/hr

25:01 - How are you solving background task processing?

29:17 - What libraries are you using?

  • Phoenix

33:53 - Third party apps

37:28 - Do you have a story where Elixir saved the day in production?

40:42 - If you could give one tip to developers out there who are or may soon be running Elixir in production, what would it be?

Learn more about how SmartLogic uses Phoenix and Elixir.

Special Guest: Jeffrey Matthias.


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