Mark & David from Thinking Elixir on Ecto Queries

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Published October 20, 2022 | Duration: 53:35 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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This week the Thinking Elixir Podcast is taking over Elixir Wizards! Mark & David from Thinking Elixir are here today to parse the particulars of Ecto Queries! Mark Ericksen is an Elixir Specialist at and host of Thinking Elixir. David Bernheisel is a Senior Software Engineer at Bitfo and host of Thinking Elixir. Tune in today to learn more about Ecto Queries from today’s special guests, Mark Ericksen and David Bernheisel!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A brief breakdown of today’s topic and introduction to our special guests, Mark & David
  • The hosts catch up with Mark & David and learn about David’s new book Ecto In Production
  • Dave Lucia is mentioned once again, can we go one episode without talking about him?
  • Find out how long David & Mark have been working in databases
  • We get the breakdown of what an Ecto Query is
  • There is a discussion around schema migrations vs data migrations and how to avoid common pain points
  • Learn what resources are available for learning Ecto
  • We find out what the pin operator is and when it is used
  • What an extensive query is and how to optimize queries
  • We learn about fun edge cases that we’ve bumped into while working with Ecto
  • The ins and outs of Ecto dump and Ecto load

”Ecto is a whole wide world of information. You think you know a lot and then you realize you don't. Nope, I'm almost just as dumb as I was five years ago about SQL and Ecto. Nope, it evolves. It gets deep.” - Mark Ericksen

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