Kate Rezentes on GenServers at Simplebet

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Published October 6, 2022 | Duration: 48:07 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Season 9 is in full swing and we are so excited to welcome Kate Rezentes today to dive into the particulars of GenServers. Kate is a Junior Software Developer at Simplebet, a B2B product development company using machine learning and real-time technology to make every moment of every sporting event a betting opportunity. Tune in today to learn more from today’s special guest, Kate Rezentes!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A brief breakdown of today’s topic and introduction to our special guest, Kate Rezentes
  • We learn about Kate’s background and her long history with programming
  • We discuss how many conferences she’s attended and why ElixirConf has been her favorite (thus far)
  • Find out how Kate landed a job while attending ElixirConf
  • How GenServers as a subject came to be
  • We get an inside look at Kate’s working experience at Simplebet and her experience as a Junior Engineer in the industry so far
  • What cases in particular cause the need for a GenServer
  • We discuss where GenServers would be appropriate to use and why
  • The ins and outs of ‘handle calls’ and ‘callbacks’
  • The process of testing a GenServer and data storage_

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