Jenny Bramble on Testing and Collaboration at Papa

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Published December 1, 2022 | Duration: 46:15 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Today on Elixir Wizards, we chat with Jenny Bramble. Jenny is the Director of Quality Engineering at Papa, a platform that connects older adults and low-income families with companionship and a helping hand with daily tasks. Tune in to learn more about Jenny's experience with testing and team collaboration at Papa.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jenny tells us about her journey to learning Elixir (for 8 years now!)
  • We learn about the 24 talks that Jenny has done as a keynote speaker
  • The breakdown of her talk this year at Elixir Conf on upgrades
  • How Jenny got in to writing tests after going to college for computer science
  • What goes into developer handoff and how that varies depending on the company and team
  • The connection and importance between customer service and empathy
  • What it's like to work in Quality Engineering and Testing at Papa
  • What is testing?
  • She provides helpful tips of things that tend to be caught up by QA during code reviews
  • Jenny has a course on management for Test Automation coming out in 2023!

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