Ashley Smith & Kenneth Moy from Bowery Farming on Oban

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Published November 3, 2022 | Duration: 38:30 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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On today’s episode of Elixir Wizards, Ashley Smith and Kenneth Moy from Bowery Farming join us to dive into the particulars of Oban. Ashley has been working as a software engineer for 3 years with full-stack experience working mainly on web applications and now works in elixir at Bowery Farming. Kenneth is a software engineer at Bowery Farming with 3 years of elixir experience. Tune in today to learn more about Oban from today’s special guests, Ashley & Kenneth!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A brief breakdown of today’s topic and introduction to our special guests, Ashley & Kenneth
  • We get the inside scoop of what happens behind the scenes at Bowery Farms and how they use elixir
  • What is Oban and how does it compare to other languages
  • Why one would use Oban rather than something like Broadway
  • How Oban is useful at Bowery Farms
  • Ashley & Kenneth explain why they are not “over” Ecto.Multi just yet
  • We hear about their working experience at Bowery, some days are remote, some days are at the office, and some days are at the farm where they get to see their work come to life

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