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Published October 27, 2022 | Duration: 49:53 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Today we welcome Jason Stiebs to the podcast to talk about all things LiveView and how he was originally wrong about LiveView in the beginning. Jason is the founder at Rokkincat, and a core contributor to Phoenix. Jason loves finding solutions to complex problems and mentoring young engineers. Tune in today to learn more about LiveView from today’s special guest, Jason Stiebs!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A brief breakdown of today’s topic and introduction to our special guest, Jason Stiebs
  • A summary of Jason’s talk at ElixirConf on why he initially was wrong about LiveView
  • How Jason became a Phoenix core team member
  • What is stopping LiveView from being 1.0
  • Is there something that would make LiveView ‘complete’
  • How to decide to use LiveView over an SPA framework
  • Do you know if there are any folks out there putting together tooling for LiveView? Thinking like Chrome devtools, performance monitoring, etc. What tools can we use to compare our LiveView performance to non LV performance?
  • What Jason's thoughts about a time traveling feature for LiveView like what React / Redux has
  • What some featuresare from other frameworks that Jason would like to see in LiveView one day
  • How often Jason sees mixed LV and non LV projects
  • We hear about what's next in terms of features for functional components

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Jason Stiebs on Twitter — https://twitter.com/peregrine
Jason Stiebs on GitHub — https://github.com/jeregrine
Jason Stiebs on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonstiebs/
Jason Stiebs Email Address – [email protected]
RokkinCat — https://rokkincat.com/
SmartLogic — https://smartlogic.io/
SmartLogic Twitter — https://twitter.com/smartlogic

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