Chris Miller on Crafting a Programming Language

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Published December 15, 2022 | Duration: 42:55 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Today on Elixir Wizards, Chris Miller, software engineer at Corvus Insurance, joins us again for an in-depth discussion on the different approaches to programming. We dive into the conception and origin of new languages and how they evolve to solve new problems over time.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The hosts catch up with Chris and learn a bit about Corvus Insurance
  • What excites Chris about programming language and new ways of thinking
  • Chris' fascination with all different types of languages from Chinese to Greek to C++
  • We get a refresher on the concept of Domain Specific Language
  • What DSL is being used for certains problems in the domain at Corvus Insurance
  • Why a coder should care about the crafting of a programming language
  • We discuss why all coders don't only write assembly code
  • Chris breaks down how he has attempted to write his own programming language
  • We learn some inside tips on how stay within the abstract boundary when building a domain
  • How Chris' experience with multiple coding languages has influenced his work in Elixir
  • What the advantage of knowing multiple languages is

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