Cassidy Williams and Tobi Pfeiffer on Elixir Programming at Remote

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Published April 28, 2022 | Duration: 1:00:36 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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This double guest episode features Cassidy Williams, Head of Developer Experience and Education and Tobi Pfeiffer, Staff Engineer from Remote. This fast growing Elixir company provides HR support to clients who are hiring internationally. In this fascinating fast-paced conversation Cassidy and Tobi discuss how Remote works, the explosive growth it has seen and what Cassidy and Tobi have most enjoyed in their time there. Also, we learn more about Cassidy's content creation projects, why Tobi's handle is PragTob, and the strangest laws they have come across when working internationally. We also learn about Cassidy's love of mechanical keyboards and about Tobi's adorable pet rabbits. We wrap up the episode with some great book recommendations and what's upcoming at Remote.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome to Cassidy Williams (Head of Developer Experience and Education) and Tobi Pfeiffer (Staff Engineer) at Remote.
  • Why Cassidy recommends the app Centered for achieving flow state.
  • How different types of music affect everyone’s concentration while coding.
  • Getting to know Tobi: Rails Girls community member, wearer of green and keyboard player.
  • Who Cassidy is: a dweeb who likes memes and how she found the world of coding.
  • What Remote is and how it works.
  • How Tobi came up with the handle PragTob!
  • The explosive growth Remote has seen, and how they stay on top of it.
  • What's coming on the open-source front of Remote.
  • The challenges Remote faces when employing people from different countries.
  • The strangest laws Tobi and Cassidy have come across internationally.
  • Why Cassidy enjoyed the well-practiced onboarding aspects of Remote, and the company values Tobi most appreciates.
  • Tobi’s secret role in the formation of Remote!
  • The people Tobi and Cassidy see moving into Elixir and which skills benefit them the most.
  • Why Tobi's GitHub picture has a rabbit and his favorite game.
  • Cassidy’s passion for mechanical keyboards!
  • Book club recommendations: the books you should be looking out for, and why!

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Special Guests: Cassidy Williams and Tobi Pfeiffer.

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