Looking back on Season 8 with Sundi, Owen & Dan

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Published June 29, 2022 | Duration: 38:23 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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It’s the season finale show! Can you believe it? Join us this week as Sundi, Owen, and Dan take a look back at this season of Elixir Wizards! You’ll hear their discussion about favorite moments over the season and learn about this season’s theme and its origin, and what they learned throughout the season. Enjoy and we hope to see you back for Season 9!

Key Points From This Episode:

Reflection on the guests experiences with all different types of language
How the team landed on the theme of Elixir in a Polyglot Environment
Having expectation of guests vs how the conversation turned out
The discovery that environment influences the strength of the code that is being written
We dig deeper into the flexibility of all of these companies
How the hosts enjoyed the dream language combination answers from guests
We hear about the teams experience with their first in-person recording
Hearing about guests personal experiences and projects vs just their at-work experience
We find out what birds do when they’re excited in a tree
Flutter as a solution for building mobile applications
The hosts likes, dislikes, experience with Flutter and the difference it brings to the table
We reflect on a guest applying gamification
The hosts discuss the guests range of experience, from a year to decades in the field, and how many different perspectives were shown with different backgrounds
A recurring theme of the guests: structuring teams to fit the needs of the company - recurring theme
Hearing about products and projects guests are working on

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Dan Ivovich on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/divovich/
Sundi Myint on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/sundimyint/

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