Nathan Retta on Engineering in Android at DoorDash

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Published June 23, 2022 | Duration: 29:11 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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This week on Elixir Wizards we’re joined by Nathan Retta, Senior Software Engineer from Android at DoorDash. We learn about Nathan’s background; his experience having a degree in Chemical Engineering and working in Oil and Gas for 6 years. Nathan then wrote an Android app in 2016 and soon after became a mobile developer -- the rest is history. He is currently based in Denver, Colorado, and our host Owen has met him prior through the Denver Elixir virtual meet up.

Join us today for this conversation between Owen, Dan and Nathan as we learn about Nathan’s experience leading up to his current position at Android for DoorDash and how he is using Elixir in his side projects.

Transcript (English):