Miguel Cobá on Deploying in Elixir and Other Languages

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Published April 14, 2022 | Duration: 48:47 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Welcome to the new season of Elixir Wizards: Elixir in a Polyglot Environment. To get things going on this exciting and intriguing subject we are very happy to welcome Miguel Cobá! Miguel currently works at Shore, and he gives us some great insight into the part that Elixir plays at the company (alongside other languages), and how this suits his particulars skillset and vision. In this season, we want to consider important questions about reaching beyond the confines of the Elixir community, and how we can all learn from each other. Miguel is such a perfect guest to open this conversation, as he is fascinated by the way Elixir can fit into a network of knowledge and its deployment into other areas. In today's chat, we also get into the early days of Miguel's interest in programming, and how it took starting a job for him to really start learning. So, to hear all this and more, and to get a taste of a great season to come, be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Miguel's perspective on the importance of using Elixir alongside other languages.
  • The languages that Miguel has worked in, and currently uses.
  • A look at the path that Miguel took into programming and the first language he used!
  • Turning an interest into a career; Miguel's biggest periods of learning.
  • Background and motivations for Miguel's book, 100 Elixir Tips.
  • The book that Miguel wrote that aims to help developers to write their own books!
  • Constant learning and the passion that Miguel has for sharing this process with others through writing.
  • Miguel shares some surprising parts of deployment in other languages.
  • The combinations of languages that Miguel prefers.
  • An explanation of Elixir's strength for background or asynchronous tasks.
  • Why Miguel values the attitude above different language skills in a programmer.
  • Unpacking how Elixir fits into the polyglot environment at Shore.
  • How Miguel feels about community building and the usefulness of Twitter.
  • Miguel compares his favorite parts of Elixir and the things he feels it is missing.
  • Where to find and connect with Miguel online!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

100 Elixir Tips — https://store.miguelcoba.com/l/100elixirtips
Deploying Elixir — https://blog.miguelcoba.com/deploying-elixir-ebook
Miguel Cobá on Twitter https://twitter.com/MiguelCoba_
Elm — https://elm-lang.org/
Miguel Cobá Blog https://blog.miguelcoba.com/
Gumroad — https://gumroad.com/
Hashnotes — https://www.hashnotes.app/
Shore — https://www.shore.com/en/
SmartLogic — https://smartlogic.io/
Jobs at SmartLogic – https://smartlogic.io/jobs

Special Guest: Miguel Cobá.

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