Meryl Dakin on Changing Lanes and Switching Gears With Elixir

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Published January 20, 2022 | Duration: 51:20 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Today we welcome software engineer Meryl Dakin to the show, who is currently employed by Knock. Meryl is here to help us continue our exploration of this season's theme of the impact of Elixir, and we get to hear about all how it has impacted her professional and personal life! Our guest talks about her journey through the world of development and the different positions she has held before her current role. We also get into her recent stint as the emcee of ElixirConf alongside our other friend Sophie DeBenedetto! We talk about learning through teaching, encouraging more questions, and why Elixir has had such a positive impact on Meryl's approach to code more generally. Big takeaways from today's conversation include the way that learning a new language can alter one's career in multiple and unexpected ways, why the Elixir community can feel so safe and supportive, and who might get the most benefit from being exposed to Elixir at the right time. So, to hear it all from Meryl and our usual cast of characters, be sure to listen in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A quick update on Meryl and what she has been busy with lately.
  • Meryl's experiences emceeing the recent ElixirConf!
  • Unpacking what Knock does and who the company serves.
  • How Elixir has been used at Knock and the great experience Meryl has had building with it.
  • Meryl's learning curve with Elixir and the biggest developments in the space from her perspective.
  • The most common advice that Meryl would offer to junior engineers!
  • Why teaching is often the best route to further learning; Meryl's reflections on her presentations.
  • The importance of asking questions and speaking up when you do not understand.
  • How Elixir shifted Meryl's way of thinking about programming: cleaner code and encapsulation.
  • The different kinds of developers that might benefit from being introduced to Elixir.
  • Thoughts on making Elixir more visible to the right people in the larger community.
  • The personal impacts that Elixir has had on Meryl's life: meeting great people and finding an engaging and supportive community.
  • When to consider using Knock and the initial offer for new clients.
  • Where to go to find out more about Knock and whether it might be right for you!
  • Meryl shares her biggest hopes and dreams for the future of the Elixir community.

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Special Guest: Meryl Dakin.

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