Wrapping up BEAM Magic with Amos King

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Published August 26, 2021 | Duration: 57:56 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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We have reached the final episode of our season, and as we wrap up our exploration of BEAM magic, we are joined by Amos King, whose tweet was the inspiration behind this season's focus! We've had such a great time this season and hope that our listeners have enjoyed it as much as we have, and gained something in the process. Our conversation with Amos jumps around from exploring his experiences during the last year and a half, to the journey he has been on with his company, Binary Noggin, life as a CEO, and much more! We delve into some thoughts from our guest about the relationship between magic and understanding and also talk a little about this year's upcoming ElixirConf, where Amos will be speaking. Amos also shares how learning a new language can help the coding you do in languages you already know, and tells an interesting story about how he turned a long commute into a superpower! So stay tuned for Season 7, coming to you soon, and thank you for sticking with us this long!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Looking forward to this year's ElixirConf and the hope that it will proceed.
  • Amos' return to the office after three months of working from home.
  • A little about Binary Noggin and the different size clients they work with.
  • The inspiration behind the company name and the transition from side work to a full-time gig.
  • Amos' experiences as a CEO during the pandemic and the surprising growth at Binary Noggin.
  • How Amos inspired the BEAM Magic theme for this season and his thoughts on understanding.
  • Amos' experiences of speaking at conferences and the possibility of presenting about magic.
  • Some details on Amos' talk this year at ElixirConf.
  • How Amos was introduced to Elixir through Erlang and the things that made him love it!
  • The impact that learning new languages can have on your work in general.
  • How an extremely long commute early in Amos' career served him in unexpected ways.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

SmartLogic Jobs — https://smartlogic.io/about/jobs
Amos King on Twitter — https://twitter.com/adkron
Binary Noggin — https://binarynoggin.com/
Binary Noggin Careers — https://binarynoggin.com/about-us/#careers
Binary Noggin Email — [email protected]
DirtyInformation — http://dirtyinformation.com/
Elixir Outlaws — https://elixiroutlaws.com/
Wallaby — https://github.com/elixir-wallaby/wallaby
Testing Elixir — https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54156353-testing-elixir

Special Guest: Amos King.

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