Mini-Feature Extravaganza featuring Tyler Clemens, Elom Amouzou, Elise Navarro, and Jeremy Neal

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Published August 19, 2021 | Duration: 38:30 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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This episode serves as a round-up of some of the special mini-features we have recorded throughout Season 6, where we'll hear from Tyler Clemens, Elom Amouzou, Elise Navarro, and Jeremy Neal about their work and experiences with Elixir. Our first segment is with Tyler, who is a software developer at Jackpocket, where he explains what he is currently busy with and how the company is offering access to the lottery in more safe and convenient ways. We then move on to Elom, who talks about transitioning from a life in public education, and what prompted him to learn functional programming. Elise, who works at Zingeroo, takes us through her relatively new career, why she is so excited about Elixir, and the interesting work that is being done at her company to educate the public about the stock market. Lastly, Jeremy talks to us about the socially conscious agenda at Clover Food Lab, his personal interests in cooking and baking, and how he came to work with Elixir. All of our guests share helpful resources for learning, and reflections on their time working within Elixir - make sure to join us to catch all this good stuff!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Tyler's path into software engineering and the first language he learned.
  • What Jackpocket offers its customers and how Elixir is used within the company.
  • Tyler's thoughts on the perks and challenges associated with engineering with Elixir.
  • The most helpful resources that Tyler uses when in need: Elixir Slack, books, and Elixir School!
  • Onboarding and training in Elixir and the biggest challenges presented in this area.
  • Tyler's passion for photography and imagining an alternative career path in this direction.
  • Elom's first programming language and the subsequent transition into Elixir.
  • How Elom moved into working in programming from his roots in education.
  • Elom's perspective on the positives associated with adopting Elixir early on.
  • Resource recommendations from Elom for early-stage developers.
  • Considering the pros and cons of the small intimate Elixir community and its future.
  • Elom's ideal alternative career path and favorite book!
  • Elise's beginnings in programming and her move from a career in digital media.
  • Comparing Elixir with other languages; Elise weighs in with her experiences.
  • What Zingeroo does and how they use Elixir to make the stock market more accessible through the app.
  • The benefits of using Elixir for a real-time app like Zingeroo.
  • The resources that have been most valuable to Elise since joining the community.
  • Elise's alternative career path, and her passion for teaching Pilates.
  • Jeremy's educational and professional path into software engineering and working with Elixir.
  • How Jeremy has been using LiveView in his work to get a functional UI up and running.
  • What Clover Food Lab does and how Elixir is used at the company and online store.
  • Jeremy's thoughts on a different career and why he would love to be a baker!

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Special Guests: Elise Navarro, Jeremy Neal, and Tyler Clemens.

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