Council of Wizards Part 1 with Andrea Leopardi and René Föhring

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Published July 14, 2020 | Duration: 39:28 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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The Elixir community continues to flourish and evolve in these uncertain times and in honor of this we have put together a live show with a number of special guests! In part one today, we are joined by Andrea Leopardi and René Föhring, who we are so happy to welcome back. We get the lowdown from each of them in turn, discussing personal preferences, tips and tricks, and recommendations for Elixir and beyond. Andrea gets into some of his pet peeves and comments on the trend of slow interfaces. We then look at future possibilities for Elixir including the outside chance of it being run on mobile and for crypto-mining! Andrea also updates us on the book he is currently working on so keep an eye out for that in the future! René then steps in to talk about his work on Credo, his hopes for it in the future, and some suggestions for listeners using it. We do some comparisons between Elixir and Ruby before René offers some thoughts on Electron and functional programming concepts. So for all this and a whole lot more, make sure to tune in today and stay tuned for part 2!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A reintroduction to Andrea and his current work in the Elixir space.
  • Andrea's tool recommendations and what he uses most at the moment.
  • Updates, the short term future of the world of Elixir and Andrea's current focus.
  • RSpec versus xUnit: Andrea's personal preferences.
  • Andrea's limited experience of LiveView and early reactions.
  • Feelings about computers and phones with slow interfaces!
  • The very slim chances of seeing Elixir run on mobile.
  • Cryptocurrency and Andrea's lack of experience and ambition in the space.
  • Some exciting information about Andrea's upcoming book to keep an eye out for.
  • René's current projects; Credo, Elixir weekly newsletter, and more!
  • The future of Elixir — will it be the next Ruby?
  • Elixir on a phone; René's thoughts on this possibility and its validity.
  • Updates for Credo — all the exciting news since our last conversation with René.
  • Improving work that you are proud of and René's own feelings about Credo.
  • The objectives and vision for Credo and improving upon certain pain points.
  • Writing and running in Electron and how to have fun while doing it!
  • The application of functional programming concepts in René's work in Electron.
  • René's suggestion for Credo — using the Credo master after it being reworked.

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Special Guests: Andrea Leopardi and René Föhring.

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