Sundi Myint on The Visual Side of Elixir, the History of Emojis, and Test- and Domain-Driven Architecture

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Published June 25, 2020 | Duration: 45:58 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Welcome to another episode of Elixir Wizards as we continue our journey into system and application architecture! Our featured guest today is Sundi Myint and she is here to share her journey with Elixir and her non-traditional path to programming. We hear about Sundi's interest in gaming, her role at Cava and a bit of the inspiration behind her amazing Instagram account! We discuss her first internship and how she found herself in the role quite suddenly before diving into the motivation behind her blog post on the history of emojis. Sundi did some serious research into this interesting subject and she shares some of the more technical aspects of the story with us on the show. We talk about architecture and both test and design-driven approaches. Sundi also explains her process and how mapping things out on a whiteboard has been her favored way to do things for some time. Andrea Leopardi then joins us for another edition of Pattern Matching with Todd! He answers Todd's questions about his home life, media favorites, future projects and more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Sundi's Instagram aesthetic and her love of food and photography.
  • How Sundi got into programming and her first internship.
  • Getting hired at Cava and an introduction to Elixir and the community.
  • Video game programming and Sundi's thoughts on the possibility of pursuing this path.
  • Sundi's first paid job out of college and the tech stack at the company.
  • Thoughts on easily available learning resources and the power of Live View.
  • Some background on Sundi's amazing blog post on the history of emojis.
  • Understanding Unicode, how it works and its role in translation and interpretation.
  • Sundi's perspectives on architecture and domain-driven design.
  • Code design strategies, workflow and the idea and practice of test-driven code.
  • Conversations with stakeholders and moving to the planning stage.
  • How Sundi uses whiteboards to map out her work graphically and Elixir's part in this.
  • Andrea's travels and some of the amazing locations he has visited for conferences.
  • Home life and lifestyle in quarantine for Andrea in Italy.
  • Alternative career paths and Andrea's other interests; balancing creativity and logic.
  • Music, movies and television choices for Andrea.
  • Exciting new projects on the horizon for Andrea; a book, HTTP and more!

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Special Guests: Andrea Leopardi and Sundi Myint.

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