Mohd Maqbool Alam on System and Application Architecture

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Published May 21, 2020 | Duration: 43:22 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Today’s guest is Mohd Maqbool Alam, a software developer and Elixir fan from Delhi. He enjoys learning about programming language theory, distributed systems, Cloud Native technologies, and open source. As he is working towards building an Elixir community in Delhi, we caught up with him to find out how he came to be part of the Elixir world, and what drew him to programming in the first place. We also discuss Maqbool’s favorite Elixir resources and how Elixir has changed the way he thinks about architecture applications, as well as his opinions on microservices, APIs, and static typing. We talk about the real-world consequences of programming, using Neil Ferguson’s pandemic simulation model as an example, and Maqbool shares his favorite RPC (when we actually meant to ask him his favorite RFC)! The episode concludes with Pattern Matching with Todd. In this edition, he discusses Kubernetes and Beam with Principal Software Architect Cory O’Daniel.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Maqbool tells us a bit about himself and how he came to be part of the Elixir community.
  • What enticed Maqbool to programming.
  • Maqbool’s favorite resources from Elixir.
  • How Elixir has changed the way Maqbool thinks about architecting applications.
  • Maqbool’s ‘aha’ moment in distributed programming and how he got into pattern matching.
  • Phoenix Live Dashboard and why Maqbool and the team are excited about it.
  • How Maqbool approaches the design process when building an application from scratch.
  • The tools and methods Maqbool uses when designing information architecture and APIs.
  • Maqbool’s opinions on microservices, Kubernetes, and Amazon Lambda.
  • Protocols and non-standard protocols.
  • Neil Ferguson’s pandemic simulation model using undocumented C-code.
  • How we should think about the real world consequences of high-stakes programming.
  • Maqbool’s opinion on static typing.
  • Macbool’s favorite RPC and RFC.
  • Pattern Matching with Todd Resudek, discussing Kubernetes and Beam with Cory O’Daniel.

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Special Guests: Cory O'Daniel and Mohd Maqbool Alam.

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