Bruce and Maggie Tate from Groxio on Training

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Published January 16, 2020 | Duration: 38:04 | RSS Feed | Direct download

Groxio is a great platform that allows programmers to learn new languages easily and broaden their horizons. Our guests today are the team behind Groxio, Bruce and Maggie Tate! In our discussion, we cover the basics and the not so basics of what they do, from how they got into the Elixir world and founded Groxio to the conferences they run and the books they have published. We also talk about the benefits of learning multiple languages and Bruce makes a strong argument for the influence that smaller coding languages have had on his Elixir skills. Maggie and Bruce open up about having a professional and personal partnership and how they manage their marriage and businesses side by side. To finish off we hear about all the exciting things to expect at the Lonestar Conference this year and how it is going to be even better than last year's!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Bruce and Maggie's background in Elixir and how they started Groxio.
• What sets Groxio apart from similar technical education companies.

• The inspiration that Bruce got from the Crystal and Pony languages.
• How curiosity and dopamine are linked; following new and interesting pathways.
• Maggie and Bruce's personal and professional partnership and how they manage it.
• The Elixir books that still need to be written and under-appreciated published ones.
• A guide to Bruce's books and which to read for particular applications.
• Running a conference; the stressful and fun parts for Maggie and Bruce.
• Aspirations for the conferences and what to expect at this year's events.
• Exciting speakers that will be appearing at the Lone Star Conference.
• The controversy around the new Lone Star bat logo!
• A few special plugs from our guests for things they are passionate about.

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Special Guests: Bruce Tate and Maggie Tate.