Season Three Wrap and Remote Work Tips

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Published April 2, 2020 | Duration: 50:45 | RSS Feed | Direct download

In this episode, we take a look into the current contexts and home lives many of us find ourselves in today, offering top tips for working remotely from home during these challenging times. The lockdowns have caused many of us to reflect. To reflect on our lives, our work, what we’re grateful for, and in this case, our epic last season of Elixir Wizards! Here, we take you through the highlights, the lowlights, our biggest lessons, our juiciest debates, and what you can expect for Season 4 – in sickness and in health. Stay safe, listen, and enjoy!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • The importance of demarcating your workspace, especially when the kids are home!
  • Always put your pants on: Why sticking to your morning schedule helps productivity.
  • Ways to eliminate the potential for distraction when working from home.
  • How working from home is enabling programmers to see one another’s human side.
  • Taking a break from conferences, cognition, and learning how to birth a baby Oestrich.
  • Third dimensions and entering the tangential learning plane with Brooklyn Zelenka.
  • The Surprise Toddcast: Why the improvised episode was a hit.
  • What it was like interviewing entrepreneurial couple, Bruce & Maggie Tate.
  • Remember the time the father and son roasted each other on the podcast mic?
  • Why your podcast audience wants to know your guests on a more personal level.
  • A recap of the numbers from Season 1-3 and the 40,000+ Elixir Wizards downloads.
  • A sneak peek into the new Elixir Wizards theme for the upcoming Season 4.
  • Lib versus Web and other essential tips for the lazy Phoenix users out there.
  • Why we need a whole season on application architecture and one-letter module names.
  • The debate sparked by the disagreement between Chris Keathley and Brooklyn Zelenka.
  • Hackers, painters, Paul Graham, and the argument made in favor of dynamic typing.
  • Find out more about Sophie and Meryl’s epic takeover of Elixir Wizards!

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Special Guest: Todd Resudek.