Alex Garibay and Mike Binns from DockYard on Hiring and Training

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Published February 20, 2020 | Duration: 26:11 | RSS Feed | Direct download

Today on the show, we’re joined by Mike Binns and Alex Garibay of DockYard. In this episode, Mike and Alex share their journeys of how they came to work at DockYard and give us a view into DockYard’s hiring and training processes, systems, and philosophies. Here they share what they enjoy most about working at DockYard and their emphasis on being supported in your continual growth as an employee and human being.

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Find out how Mike and Alex both got their jobs at DockYard in 2016.
  • Working for a fully remote company: Mike and Alex share their experiences.
  • The amount of languages used at DockYard and what the day-to-day looks like.
  • React VS Ember: Find out DockYard’s opinion on the debate between the two.
  • How to know whether you should be using JavaScript or Live View on your projects.
  • The importance of inclusion and empowerment in the onboarding process at DockYard.
  • How to support and train new employees in “soft” skills, such as communication.
  • Personal strategies Mike and Alex use to help “soften the blow” of feedback and criticism.
  • Discover what DockYard does to support the learning growth of their employees.
  • Learn more about DockYard Friday and the exciting projects that have emerged from it.
  • Helpful resources for learning Elixir and how to remain a curious learner as a developer.
  • Find out the top skills that make a great engineering manager at DockYard today.

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Special Guests: Alex Garibay and Mike Binns.