Second Annual Lonestar Lunchisode

About this Episode

Published March 5, 2020 | Duration: 53:38 | RSS Feed | Direct download

Welcome back to the show for this special edition Lunchisode, coming to you live from the Lonestar Elixir 2020 Conference! We have a revolving door of speakers at this informal roundtable and a few friends and associates stop by to introduce themselves, share their thoughts on the conference so far and subjects that they care about. We follow up on some of the ideas raised in the Lonestar preview episode as well as hear about new and interesting ways that Elixir is being used at a variety of companies, including SalesLoft, ActiveProspect, SmartRent and more! We also consider the place of Elixir education and go deeper on the topic of finding fun and meaning in our programming pursuits and beyond. Join us for this special edition and stay tuned for the next installment soon.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Thoughts on the conference so far — the talks and venue.
  • SalesLoft's Elixir adoption and how the decision was made by those in power.
  • Bruce Williams' current work at GitHub and his project on Absinthe.
  • Elixir usage in Mexico and the prominent organizations and companies that use it.
  • Some information on the Observability Working Group and what they are currently busy with.
  • Differences between tracing and logging; tracing is essentially distributed logging.
  • What it means for the programmer when they bump up against a challenge!
  • The amount of effort that should go into developing entry points for new Elixir developers.
  • Education in the Elixir space and the success of the bootcamp model.
  • Considering the ongoing utility of unit tests and changing up training strategies.
  • The work done by SmartRent in real estate and how Elixir fits into their tech stack.

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Special Guests: Brain Naegele, Bruce Tate, Bruce Williams, Dave Thomas, Frank Kumro, Jon Carstens, Ricardo Echavarria, Steve Bussey, Todd Resudek, and Zach Thomas.