Bonus Episode: Outlaws and Wizards

About this Episode

Published March 13, 2020 | Duration: 46:44 | RSS Feed | Direct download

Elixir Outlaws invited us to join them for a special crossover episode, recorded live at Lonestar Elixir 2020. Join us for a conversation around fun and learning in development, highlights from day one of the conference, remembering Joe Armstrong, and more.

Guests / Hosts
Justus Eapen @justuseapen
Anna Neyzberg @ANeyzb
Amos King @adkron
Bruce Tate @redrapids
Susumu Yamazaki @zacky1972
Melvin Cedeno @TheCraftedGem
Tim Mecklem @tim_mecklem

Elixir Outlaws
Lonestar Elixir

Special Guests: Amos King, Anna Neyzberg, Bruce Tate, Chris Keathley, Melvin Cedeno, Susumu Yamazaki, and Tim Mecklem.