"The Past is Your Teacher" with Alicia Brindisi and Bri LaVorgna

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Published May 30, 2024 | Duration: 32:56 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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It’s the season finale of Elixir Wizards Office Hours! SmartLogic’s Project Manager Alicia Brindisi and VP of Delivery Bri LaVorgna join host Dan to delve into the agile ceremony of retrospectives. They explore the vital role of retrospectives in Agile project management and unveil practical strategies for enhancing their effectiveness.

Alicia and Bri break down the elements of a successful retrospective. They cover everything from meticulous preparation to facilitation techniques, and how to choose the best format for fostering open dialogue and actionable results. Learn how to navigate common obstacles and guide discussions toward productive, solution-focused outcomes.

Throughout the episode, they emphasize the transformative potential of retrospectives within the Agile framework, portraying them not just as a procedural activity, but as a catalyst for continuous team growth and project success.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Mastering the full potential of retrospectives in Agile environments
  • Best practices for effective preparation and facilitation
  • Choosing the right format to suit your team's dynamics
  • Strategies for overcoming typical challenges during retrospectives
  • Techniques for addressing and resolving interpersonal conflicts constructively
  • The critical importance of valuing each team member’s perspective
  • Practical advice on applying insights from retrospectives to enact organizational changes
  • Tailoring and refining retrospectives to meet your team’s unique requirements

Links mentioned:

SmartLogic https://smartlogic.io/
SmartLogic LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/smartlogic-io
Contact Bri [email protected]
Retrium Retrospectives for Scrum & Agile Teams https://www.retrium.com/
4Ls Retrospective Template https://www.retrium.com/retrospective-techniques/4ls
Start Stop Continue Retrospective https://www.retrium.com/retrospective-techniques/start-stop-continue
Sailboat Retrospective https://www.retrium.com/retrospective-techniques/sailboat
Starfish Retrospective https://www.retrium.com/retrospective-techniques/starfish
ClickUp Project Management Platform https://clickup.com/teams/project-management
Asana Task Manager http://www.asana.com
Jira Project Management Tool https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira 

Special Guests: Alicia Brindisi and Bri LaVorgna.

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