Communities in Tech with Camille Clayton & Scott Tolinski

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Published December 28, 2023 | Duration: 48:19 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Today on Elixir Wizards, Camille Clayton, Director of Women Who Code DC, and Scott Tolinski, Co-Host of the Syntax Podcast and Creator of Level Up Tutorials, join hosts Sundi Myint and Owen Bickford to discuss tech community spaces online and IRL.

They lay out the blueprint and best practices for fostering an inclusive environment where newcomers feel comfortable and welcome to join the discussion – whether it’s an online forum, YouTube comment sections, social media platform, local meetup, or conference.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Leaving a space open so newcomers feel empowered to join
  • Celebrating small wins to maintain excitement and build confidence
  • Why consistency is key to building a community with longevity
  • Creating and enforcing a code of conduct to define expectations
  • Finding respectful resolutions for addressing issues or complaints
  • The importance of amplifying underrepresented voices in tech
  • Creating content for all skill levels and adapting to a wider audience
  • How remote meetups broaden the possibilities for attendance and connection
  • Finding the right fit for mentorship
  • Delegation to strengthen community members’ sense of ownership
  • Navigating the new normal of local, in-person gatherings post-pandemic

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Special Guests: Camille Clayton and Scott Tolinski.

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