ECS / Game Development with Elixir vs. Python, JavaScript, React with Dorian Iacobescu & Daniel Luu

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Published November 9, 2023 | Duration: 41:08 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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In Episode 4, the Elixir Wizards are joined by Dorian Iacobescu, author of the ECSpanse ECS library for Elixir, and Daniel Luu, founder and CEO of the game development studio AKREW. The guests compare notes on backend game development using ECS, the Entity Component System approach.

Akrew is currently building the multiplayer game Galactic Getaway using the Photon Unity networking framework, which employs ECS. They discuss challenges like collections of component types and persistence beyond runtime, building games for various platforms like MacOS, and handling inventory storage in a backend database.

Game development is complex and has many technical hurdles, but open communication across different programming communities and game development approaches can foster collaboration, innovation, and continued learning.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Dorian explains the ECSpanse ECS library and component-based architecture
  • Dorian took inspiration for ECSpanse from the Rust library Bevy ECS and its component-based API
  • The guests discuss popular game development platforms and languages, including C#, JavaScript, and Godot
  • Owen and Daniel translate ECS concepts to familiar database and backend terminology for devs without game-specific experience
  • ECSpanse uses many tools from the Elixir Erlang toolbox, including GenServers, ETS tables, tasks, queries, and Phoenix LiveView
  • ECS challenges representing inventory collections that broke typical ECS singleton patterns
  • AKREW is developing Galactic Getaway using the Photon Unity framework
  • Relationships between parent and child entities in ECSpanse
  • Persistence, serialization, and replay features to save game state
  • Optimizing assets and code for performance on various devices

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Special Guests: Daniel Luu and Dorian Iacobescu.

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