Chris McCord and Jason Stiebs on the Future of Phoenix

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Published June 1, 2023 | Duration: 58:12 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Phoenix core team members Chris McCord and Jason Stiebs join Elixir Wizards Sundi Myint and Owen Bickford the growth of Phoenix and LiveView, the latest updates, and what they're excited to see in the future. They express excitement for the possibilities of machine learning, AI, and distributed systems and how these emerging technologies will enhance the user experience of Elixir and LiveView applications in the next decade.

Key Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How community contributions and feedback help improve Phoenix LiveView
  • The addition of function components, declarative assigns, HEEx, and streams
  • Why Ecto changesets should be used as "fire and forget" data structures
  • Excitement about machine learning and AI with libraries like NX
  • The possibility of distributed systems and actors in the future
  • Verifying and solving issues in the Phoenix and LiveView issue trackers
  • Why marketing plays a part in the adoption and mindshare of Phoenix
  • How streams provide a primitive for arbitrarily large dynamic lists
  • Elixir VM's ability to scale to millions of connections
  • A creative use of form inputs for associations with dynamic children

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Special Guests: Chris McCord and Jason Stiebs.

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