Sean Moriarity on the Future of Machine Learning with Elixir

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Published May 25, 2023 | Duration: 47:18 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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Sean Moriarity, author of Genetic Algorithms in Elixir and creator of the Axon Library, joins Elixir Wizards Sundi Myint and Bilal Hankins to discuss Elixir’s role in the future of machine learning and AI. He explains the difference between artificial intelligence, chat models, machine learning, deep learning systems, and neural networks.

Large language models have great potential for code generation, education tools, streamlining workflow, and more. Deployment, development experience, and real-time processing make Elixir an ideal programming language for creating and improving machine learning tools.

Key Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • How Axon builds on top of the Nx library for deep learning in Elixir
  • Why logic cannot fully define characteristics that identify golden retrievers
  • How Google Translate uses machine learning with a unified language model
  • The difficulties in translating concepts with no direct counterpart between languages
  • Data cleaning and labeling challenges
  • How Sean's interest in sports betting led to exploring machine learning
  • Why Sean's NBA betting model recommended betting $0 to maximize profit
  • Getting started with machine learning and Elixir projects
  • Attention mechanisms in neural networks
  • Bias and exceptions in machine translation models
  • How hummus preference was used to determine Sundi's Hogwarts house
  • Sean's work on a LiveView interface for ChatGPT
  • Why Elixir's deployment story, development experience, and real-time processing are good fits for machine learning applications

Links Mentioned:

Genetic Algorithms in Elixir by Sean Moriarity:
Axon Deep Learning in Elixir:
Nx Axon:
Sean’s Twitter:
Weston the Golden’s IG:
Sean’s Github:
Sal Khan’s TedTalk about AI in Education:
Publicly Available Datasets/Intro to Machine Learning:
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Special Guest: Sean Moriarity.

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