Hugo Baraúna & Lucas San Roman on the Future of the Elixir Community

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Published May 18, 2023 | Duration: 50:48 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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In this episode of the Elixir Wizards podcast, hosts Sundi Myint and Owen Bickford are joined by Hugo Baraúna, founder at Elixir Radar, and Lucas San Roman, senior software engineer at Felt. We dive into the future of the Elixir community, how we stay connected, and the remarkable culture that has developed over the past decade.

Key highlights in this episode:

  • The Elixir community's warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Commitment to long-term stability and innovation in the Elixir community
  • How projects like Nerves, Phoenix LiveView, and Livebook expand Elixir's capabilities
  • Global connections and support among Elixirists via Slack and Discord
  • The Elixir Radar newsletter provides up-to-date Elixir news and community developments
  • Getting “nerd sniped” by the community
  • Hugo Baraúna's motivation behind Elixir Radar and its impact on the tech industry
  • Networking opportunities and relationship-building within the community
  • Lucas San Roman's commitment to giving back with the Sourcerer Library
  • Plans for more advanced collaboration in Livebook with the new Teams feature
  • The potential introduction of a type system in Elixir

Links mentioned in this episode:

Elixir Radar:
Ruby Weekly:
The Elixir Discord Server:
Code Fragment:
The Sourcerer Library:
Lucas’ Blog:
Hugo’s Twitter:
Elixir Radar on Twitter:
Livebook on Twitter:
Lucas’ Twitter
Guillaume Duboc Bringing Types to Elixir at ElixirConf EU 2023
Lucas on GitHub:
Rooster Fighter on Easter Island
Rooster Fighter at Iguazu Falls in Argentina

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Special Guests: Hugo Baraúna and Lucas San Roman.

Transcript (English):