Mat Trudel on the Future of Phoenix and Web Transports

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Published April 27, 2023 | Duration: 48:05 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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In this episode of Elixir Wizards, Owen and Dan talk to Mat Trudel, Phoenix contributor and creator of the Bandit Web Server, about the future of Phoenix, web transports, and HTTP/3. Mat explains the challenges and benefits of implementing HTTP/3 support in Phoenix.

Mat provides in-depth insights into the evolution of web protocols and encourages developers to continue pushing the boundaries of web development and to contribute to the growth of the open-source community.

Main topics discussed in this episode:

  • The evolution of web protocols and how HTTP/3 is changing the landscape
  • The challenges and benefits of implementing HTTP/3 support in Phoenix
  • How a home AC project revealed a gap in web server testing tools and inspired Bandit
  • how web transports like Cowboy and Ranch are used to build scalable web servers
  • WebSock for multiplexing data over a single WebSocket connection
  • Mat’s philosophy on naming projects and his passion for malapropisms
  • The Bandit project and how it can help developers better understand web protocols
  • Autobahn, a testing suite for WebSocket protocol specification conformance
  • The importance of community involvement in open-source projects
  • Encouragement for more people to use Bandit and report bugs

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Special Guest: Mat Trudel.

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