Cory O'Daniel and the Future of DevOps in Elixir Programming

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Published March 30, 2023 | Duration: 45:45 | RSS Feed | Direct download
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In this episode of Elixir Wizards, Cory O'Daniel, CEO of Massdriver, talks with Sundi and Owen about the role of DevOps in the future of Elixir programming. They discuss the advantages of using Elixir for cloud infrastructure and the challenges of securing cloud systems. They elaborate on their hopes for the future, including processes and automation to streamline operations so programmers can spend more time doing what they love … writing software!

Major topics of discussion in the episode:

  • Cory’s ideal ratio of hot sauce to honey (recommended for chicken)
  • Why this episode was renamed “how Cory almost killed his dad."
  • The history of deployment with Elixir and Erlang
  • The benefits of using Kubernetes to deploy Elixir applications
  • The future of Elixir DevOps and Massdriver's role in solving related problems
  • Benefits of reducing the operational burden for developers
  • Whether Elixir is a good fit for Kubernetes
  • How DevOps has changed over the last 10 years.
  • The confusion about what DevOps actually means
  • The idea of "engineers doing everything" is not sustainable
  • A future where engineers don't need to know much about DevOps, and can focus on writing code
  • Minimizing the operational burden for developers
  • Monolithic application vs. microservices
  • Why Massdriver does not use Webhooks to update configurations
  • Security, access to source code, and potential source leaks
  • The idea of multi-cloud, site-wide outage, and cloud agnosticism
  • Hybrid cloud vs true multi-cloud
  • Standardizing methods of packaging and deploying applications in the future

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Special Guest: Cory O'Daniel.

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