Top 10 SmartLogic Blog Posts for 2015

SmartLogic Top 10 List of most popular blog posts
Before diving into 2016, take a look back at what was most popular on the SmartLogic blog this year. Maybe one of our posts will inspire you to learn a new skill or make a New Year's resolution:

  1. Organizing Your Android Development Code Structure: How to develop a code structure to keep your Android development projects organized.
  2. iOS App Development with DTCore Text: Rendering HTML as App Content: Why and when your ios app development should include DTCoreText to render HTML as app content.
  3. Software Development 101: The process of writing code: Best practices, tactics, and tools for writing clean code
  4. Using Pull Requests to Improve Code Quality, Process, and Skills: How to use pull requests for a more stable product, better code, and a team that’s continuously learning more.
  5. Software Development 101: Backlog Management: When building a new product or upgrading software, you need to prioritize your wants and needs, and maintain a healthy development backlog.
  6. Building an App Development Team: Insource, Outsource, or Hybrid: When you need to build an app development team for a new product (or to ramp up/change an existing project), you should carefully consider three different approaches to building your team.
  7. SmartLogic Studies: A New Interview Series for Tech Leaders: SmartLogic introduces a new series, SmartLogic Studies. The first video features Baltimore-based technology leaders and how to get first-round of funding
  8. How to Test PDF Content with Capybara: How to use Capybara for testing. Features involving PDF documents can be challenging to test, even more so when using typical Rails testing tools.
  9. Installing PostGIS 1.5 on PostgreSQL 8.4 on Ubuntu: Tips on how to install PostGIS 1.5 on PostgreSQL 8.4 on Ubuntu
  10. How to Build a Development Team: Mixing Outsourcing and Insourcing: Tips and advice for outsourcing your development team. At SmartLogic, we have found that the exchange of knowledge and ideas between in-house and outsourced developers can be extremely beneficial for any product or company.

Keep up with SmartLogic and what we have planned for the new year. Follow us on Twitter.

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